Verification Report by Indepedent Body

Sustainability Standards
& Verification

Assurance Statement for
Sustainability & Corporate
Responsibility Report 2021

(No. 0118446052713/01)

Information on the Assurance Statement

The Assurance Provider TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas (‘the Provider’) has been engaged to provide external assurance on the disclosures published in the Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report 2021 (‘the Report’) of HELLENIC PETROLEUM HOLDINGS S.A. (‘the Company’). The Company is exclusively responsible for the data and information within the Report. The assurance process was conducted by the Provider in terms of sample- based audits of data and information as well as audits of data collection systems and procedures.

The Provider has not offered any consulting services to the Company.

Economic and financial data were not audited. Instead, they were assessed with respect to the information contained in the 2021 annual report and financial statement which have been audited by other third parties.



Scope of Assurance

The Provider undertook the following tasks during the months May 2022:

  1. Reviewed the Report against the requirements of GRI Standards 2021 and confirmed that the Report is in accordance with the GRI Standards 2021 since it complies with all nine requirements set out in section 3 of GRI
  2. Verification of the data included in all the chapters of the Report.
  3. Use of remote audits technics, including interviews with the Sustainability Team and the main executives of the Company’s Head Offices in Maroussi and its refineries located in Aspropyrgos, Eleusina, Thessaloniki and HELLENIC PETROLEUM Cyprus and sampling inspections of files, in order to evaluate
    • the reliability and accuracy of performance indicators of the Report,
    • the reliability of processes for generating, gathering and managing information included in the Report.



During the assurance engagement, it was confirmed that the data and information are reliable. The accuracy of the disclosed statements and assertions was found to be within acceptable limits. The Company provided a comprehensive and proper presentation of performance on the basis of reasonably documented information as well as that there is an effective data gathering, management and reporting system in place for issues which pertain to sustainable development.

The Report is in accordance with the GRI Standards 2021, including the GRI 11. Oil & Gas Sector Standards.



Opportunities for Improvement

Based on the observations and concluding remarks derived from the assurance engagement, the Provider’s recommendations for the improvement of the Company’s future Sustainability Reports are as follows:

  • Harmonize the procedures and data collection systems of all companies within the boundaries of the Report.
  • Extend the boundaries of the Report to include more companies of the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group.
  • On site visit or remote audit in more installations of the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group within the boundaries of the Report.



On behalf of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas,
Athens, 27th of May 2022

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